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Mini 3D Sublimation Vacuum Press Machine

 The Mini 3D prints on individual mobile phone covers,ceramic mugs,ceramic plates,plastic bottles,plastic Beakers,shot glasses and different shaped ceramic mugs.

The Mini 3D enables you to produce up to 4  11oz mugs at the same time using the rubber mug wraps.

Phone cases transfer printing-paper printing image

1.sublimation special paper
2.heat•proof plastic phone case
3.sublimation ink
4.related printing phone case mould

1.heat up machine temperature to 190 “(.first time use keep temperature constant for 2 minutes.
2.cut paper and stick it onto phone cases by heat•resistant tape.
3.sot time as 300 seconds.
4.when temperature reaches to 190t.put phone case with paper into the machine.
5.after printing 300 seconds,take out phone case and put into cooling tool and fix mould.