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Photo-Me International Plc is an established & successful company with over 50 years experience. The company operates photobooths, photographic fun products, digital printing kiosks & children’s rides. Photo-Me is the market leader with a reputation for quality equipment supported by an excellent service operation.

The Photo-Me Group has a worldwide reputation for quality photo vending, operating over 21,000 photobooths, in over 20 countries. Photo-Me booths provide consumers with a convenient and cost-effective means of obtaining ID photos compliant with the new ICAO regulations.

Headquartered in Grenoble, France, KIS Photo-Me Group, world leader in instant printing equipment, excels in the entire innovative process, from progressive labs to after sales support.

Since 1981 and the launch of the first analogue minilab supporting the
1hr Photo concept, KIS has always provided state-of-the-art solution for
the world of imaging. In 2000 KIS launched its first 100% digital DKS
minilab and in 2004 the first dry minilab. Benefit from our 20 years of
expertise and discover our comprehensive portfolio of solutions
including the most advanced creative functions that have proven easy to

Since 2006, KIS has remained the pioneer of the emerging market of
photobooks. With a 46% average growth per year (2007-2010), photobook
sales are dramatically increasing.

Don’t wait any longer: become a part of this growing market thanks to
this new added-value product!

KIS Photo-Me Group supplies a range of fast and on-site photobook
solutions to meet these increasing customer needs.




DKS 3 Generation


Photobook Pro


SpeedLab 200



Photobook Maker