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The Tetenal group is an international acting and innovative company, leading in developing and manufacturing analogue and digital imaging technologies.

The imaging company with its head office in Norderstedt near Hamburg is one of the leaders in the development and sale of high-end products and concepts for digital and non-digital imaging procedures. Based on uncompromising investment in research and development, the company which is represented in more than 100 countries around the world with offices in England, France and Poland and a close network of collaboration partners and distribution companies, is constantly setting the pace in the imaging market with innovative ideas: for example with its multi-award-winning spectra jet papers for high-end ink jet printing, digital imaging tools and more than 1,000 products for colour photography and over 200 for black-and-white photography as well as numerous other products in the fields of micrography, medical imaging and graphic design.

Revolutionary innovations, highest product quality as well as an extensive service are offering competent and market compatible solutions in the picture processing field to the customers. International technology co-operations, high qualified employees and a responsible future orientated company policy guarantees Tetenal a leading part in the successful arrangement of the growing imaging market.

Brought on one denominator: Tetenal develops, produces and sells worldwide everything you need for developing and making photos. The arrangement and market placement of new and unique processes and solutions for the silver halide, ink jet and dyesub technology for Photo, Medical Imaging and Graphic Systems are as important as emphasizing and world wide marketing of innovative products and service for the digital imaging field.

The main elements of the company philosophy – constant innovation and the consequent high-end-orientation of the products – are founded in the culture which is characterized by trust, customer orientation and service quality.



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