Theta 50/51 en

The DURST Theta 50/51 Printer is available in three options:

  • Theta 50 PS—equipped with dual paper cassette feed section and a DURST PrepStation, designed for high-volume printing.
  • Theta 50 B&W—designed for true B&W printing, equipped with dual paper cassette feed section and DURST PrepStation.
  • Theta 51—the economic version, equipped with single paper cassette feed section, designed for medium-volume printing.

The DURST Theta 50 / 51 are complete digital lab output modules based on LAMBDA laser printing technology, designed for heavy-duty production and high-quality demands in Portrait/Wedding and Commercial Pro Labs.

The units feature a high-speed laser printer and an integral RA-4 roller-transport paper processor. With a resolution of 200 ppi or 400 ppi, both systems can handle print sizes from 10×15 cm/4×6” up to 50×75 cm/20×30” as well as panoramic prints.