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Theta 76 multi format lab system
Large format digital imaging is now even more flexible with the new Theta 76, an economically priced ≥multi format≤ digital lab system, which features DFO technology for longevity of light source and low maintenance.

While the Durst Theta 50 and Theta 51 Lambda Lab set the standards of quality and productivity in professional portrait, wedding and commercial labs around the world, the Theta 76 offers the same outstanding quality and automated production with several unique features.

The Theta 76 offers high productivity ≠ up to 370 prints 20 x 25 cm (8x 10≤) per hour and prints sizes from 9 x 13 cm (3.5 x 5≤) to 76.2 cm (30≤) with a maximum length of 4m (13ft.). Other functions include; autonesting, multiple print function and variable back marker. The superb image quality of 254 PPI continuous tone incorporates latent image compensation without loss of productivity.

For fully automated production there is an optional automatic in-line cut and sort station.